Get the tools you need to develop BlackBerry WebWorks apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook platform.

Want the SDK for Mac instead?

The Ripple emulator makes development easy as pie

Download the Ripple emulator CRX file.

Open your Google Chrome browser and go to Tools > Extensions. Then drag ripple_ui.crx into the Google Chrome Extensions window.

To see further install instructions for the Ripple emulator, have a look here ›

You also need the SDK to package your app

First you need the AIR SDK version 2.7.
You can get it here ›

Download the installer.

During the installation you will be prompted to Choose Adobe AIR SDK Install Folder, select the location where you installed the Adobe AIR SDK.

For more instructions about the Playbook WebWorks SDK, go here ›

And a simulator to test the result

The Simulator is already bundled with the SDK but you need VMWare Player to run it. You can get it here ›

Start VMWare Player and, in the bbwp/blackberry-tablet-sdk/BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator-<version> subfolder, Open the BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator.vmx.

See more instructions for the BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator here ›

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