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You can use the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps to run Android 2.3.3 platform applications on the BlackBerry Tablet OS. To use the runtime, you must first repackage your Android applications to BAR file format, which is the compatible file format required for an application to run on the BlackBerry Tablet OS.

As a developer, you can use the plug-in or command-line tool to repackage your application to BAR file format. Some of the APIs in the Android SDK may not be supported, or only partially supported by the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps.

Plug-in repackaging tool

The main advantage of using this tool is the ability to check for compatibility, repackage, debug, and run apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook and the BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator, all through the integrated framework of Eclipse.

You can also use this plug-in to sign your application before it is distributed. If you want to test your application without signing it, you can use the plug-in to create and install a debug token on the target tablet or simulator.

Command-line repackaging tools

One of the main advantages of using the BlackBerry SDK for Android apps is that you can use it to repackage multiple Android applications from the APK file format to the BAR file format. In addition, you can also use this set of command-line tools to check the compatibility of your Android applications, sign applications, create debug tokens, and create a developer certificate.