qnx.ui.listClasses Summary


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The qnx.ui.listClasses package provides list functionality for your application. All list types are based on the basic List class. There are many different list types, each of which performs a unique function. For example, the drop down list allows you to select a value from a list of choices while the round list provides a scrolling list that continues to scroll after the starting cell has been reached.


 ICellRenderer The ICellRenderer interface must be implemented by the cell renderer for the List, TileList, SectionList, and SectionTileList components.


 AlternatingCellRenderer The AlternatingCellRenderer class is the default cell renderer for the List class.
 CellRenderer The CellRenderer class provides the base functionality for cell renderers in any of the list classes, such as List, TileList, SectionList, and SectionTileList.
 DropDown The DropDown class provides drop down list functionality.
 DropDownCellRenderer The DropDownCellRenderer class is the cell renderer that is used for the drop down list.
 List The List class enables you to display cells in a vertical or horizontal scrolling list.
 ListSelectionMode The ListSelectionMode class defines how a user interacts with the cells in a List.
 RoundList The RoundList class allows you to display cells in a scrolling vertical list.
 ScrollDirection The ScrollDirection class contains the constants the describe the scroll direction of a list.
 ScrollPane The ScrollPane class represents a scrolling pane.
 SectionHeaderRenderer The SectionHeaderRenderer class is the default header skin for the SectionList and SectionTileList classes.
 SectionList The SectionList class allows you to group sections of data in a list.
 SectionTileList The SectionTileList class allows you to group sections of data in a grid.
 TileList The TileList class can be used to display a list of cells in a grid format.