qnx.media Summary


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The qnx.media package contains the classes that define low-level media player functionality. This includes classes that enable you to play and manipulate media, manage connections to external servers, and define the dimensions of the media playing surface.




 CertificateInfo A CertificateInfo object represents a certificate for a page in QNXStageWebView.
 CertificateInfoFlags A CertificateInfoFlags object represents a flags object.
 HistoryItem A HistoryItem object represents a page in the browsing history of a QNXStageWebView.
 MediaPlayer The MediaPlayer class provides the functionality that enables you to control the playback of audio or video files, streams, and track sets (for example, playlists, SQL queries, etc).
 MediaPlayerErrorCodes The MediaPlayerErrorCodes class defines error messages that are used by the MediaPlayer class.
 MediaPlayerMediaType The MediaPlayMediaType class provides constant values used to determine the media type playing in the MediaPlayer.
 MediaPlayerMetadata The MediaPlayerMedadata class contains constants representing the list of possible metadata properties that may be defined in the metadata object (from the MediaPlayer class).
 MediaPlayerRepeat The MediaPlayerRepeat class provides constant values used for the MediaPlayer.repeat property.
 MediaServiceConnection The MediaServiceConnection class negotiates access to the media playback engine to prevent multiple clients from playing back audio or video at the same time.
 QNXStageWebView The QNXStageWebView class enables you to display browsable HTML content in a stage view port.
 VideoDisplay The VideoDisplay class represents the display area of video playback when using the MediaPlayer object.