qnx.fuse.ui.core Summary


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The qnx.fuse.ui.core package contains the functionality that enables you to position UI components on a view. The Container class is the "container" that is used to group and position interface components, while the UIComponent class is the base class for all components.


 DefaultSize Constant passed into various layout methods that permit a value to be manually overridden.


 IContainer The interface implemented by the Container class.
 IInvalidating The interface for UI component validation.
 ILayoutElement Interface implemented by objects that participate in layout.


 Container An implementation of IContainer that includes scroll support.
 SizeOptions The SizeOptions class contains size constraint flags that are used by the layout classes to position and resize components.
 SkinnableComponent The SkinnableComponent class is the base class for components that can be skinned.
 UIComponent The UIComponent class is the base class for all components.
 VisibilityCullType The VisibilityCullType contains constants that define component visibility.