What is the Community Port-A-Thon for BlackBerry 10?
The intent of the Community Port-A-Thon is to encourage developers to port their applications to BlackBerry 10 and submit their new apps so they can be in BlackBerry World by January 21, 2013.
Is my app eligible for the Community Port-A-Thon BlackBerry 10?
A mobile app created using Appcelerator, Maramalade, Sencha, jQuery, PhoneGap, Qt is eligible. Other platforms are also eligible. Android apps will need to register for the Android Port-A-Thon.
What if I am not on the list of platforms above?
Your apps are still eligible; any and all platforms are welcome including BlackBerry OS, AIR, Enyo, etc., excluding Android.
I have an application that is not currently for sale in BlackBerry World, am I eligible for this Port-A-Thon?
Yes! Only apps that are new to BlackBerry 10 are eligible.
Are Android Runtime apps eligible for rewards in this Port-A-Thon?
No, Android apps are not eligible for the rewards in this Port-A-Thon. We are running an exclusive Android Port-A-Thon at the same time on January 11th, 2013. Please refer to the Android Port-A-Thon if you are one of our Android developers.
If I submit a free version and paid version of my application does that count as two (2) apps?
No, unfortunately in order for your apps to be eligible for the rewards you must submit unique applications, submitting a free version and a paid version do not make them unique. Another example, if you submit the same application in multiple languages, these will not be eligible for rewards.
RIM is running two Port-A-Thons at the same time; how do I know which one I qualify for?
If you are an Android developer, you will want to attend the Android Port-A-Thon; if you develop applications using another platform the Community Port-A-Thon is the one for you.
I have both Android apps and other apps. Can I participate in both Port-A-Thons?
Yes, you can participate in both the Community Port-A-Thon and Android Port-A-Thon. However, an app will only be eligible once, and two versions of the same app will only qualify once.
How do I know if I am eligible for a reward? When will I be notified?
All app submissions will be time stamped as they are submitted to BlackBerry World; we will be using this as the official time. You will receive an email one week after the Port-A-Thon to let you know which apps have been accepted into the Port-A-Thon and the reward category for which you qualify. Once all your apps are approved, you will receive additional communication to redeem those rewards.