A structure that represents account-related data.


typedef struct uds_account_data uds_account_data_t;


BlackBerry 10.2.0


libunifieddatasourcec (For the qcc command, use the -l unifieddatasourcec option to link against this library)


This structure includes all of the information that's required to register and display an account in the BlackBerry Hub, such as name, description, icon, and so on. You receive a uds_account_data_t when you create a handle for an account using uds_account_data_create(), and you pass it to functions that manipulate account data, such as uds_account_data_set_name() and uds_account_data_set_description().

You also use this structure when you add an account to the BlackBerry Hub by calling uds_account_added(). Each account is represented as a tab in the main view of the BlackBerry Hub.

Last modified: 2015-01-22

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