Smart card data types (sc_data_types.h)

This file defines the common smart card data types.

Most of the types are defined by the PC/SC Workgroup specification, which can be found at

The PC/SC specification parts 5 and 6 may be of particular interest to developers.

This API uses the following acronyms (refer to PC/SC specification part 1 for more information):

  • PC/SC - Smart card specification that is followed in this API.
  • ATR - Smart card Answer to Reset. A binary card type identifier.
  • DER - Distinguished Encoding Rules. Often used for encoding cryptographic documents such as certificates.
  • X509 - Standard format for public key certificates.
  • ICC - Integrated circuit card. A general name for smart cards.
  • IHV - ICC holder verification.
  • CHV - Card holder verification. Refers to a mechanism of authenticating a card user to a card.
  • IFD - Interface Device. A terminal, communication device, or machine to which the integrated circuit(s) card is electrically connected during operation. Essentially, IFD refers to a smart card reader.
  • ICCSP - A service provider that interfaces with the ICC functionality.
BlackBerry 10.2.0

Last modified: 2014-09-30

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