This method submits the results of a challenge play and requests the display of it to the user.


#include <scoreloop/scui_client.h>
SC_Error_t SCUI_Client_ShowChallengeSubmitView(SCUI_Client_h self, SC_Challenge_h challenge, SC_Score_h score)



An opaque handle for the current SCUI_Client instance.


The SC_Challenge_h you retrieved in the data argument of a previous view-result-callback.


The SC_Score_h object describing the result of the game-play.




After a challenge started with SCUI_Client_ShowChallengesView or SCUI_Client_ShowChallengeCreateView you have to call this method to upload the play result to the server. It then requests the display of the challenge result.

The view is shown asynchronously and will automatically capture all user interactions over the whole screen. When the user chooses to start a rematch, the view-result-callback will be called with a result value of SCUI_RESULT_START_CHALLENGE.

In this case, the data argument of the view-result-callback is of type SC_Challenge_h (you will have to cast it to this type). You have to start a gameplay with the configuration of the challenge and once the game play is done, call SCUI_Client_ShowChallengeSubmitView again providing the correct SC_Challenge_h object together with the score the user gained during the game play.


SC_Error_t A return code (SC_OK indicates success, any other value indicates an error).

Last modified: 2013-12-23

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