Display messages from the system log


slog2info [options]


-b bset1,bset2,...
Parse only the logs of the given buffer set names.
Clear the live slog2 buffers. You can use this option with -b to clear specific buffer sets.
Display a usage message.
Display information about a buffer set specified by the -l option.
-l filename
("el") The buffer set file to parse. The filename argument must be the full path of a file under /dev/shmem/slogger2/.
-r [resetfilename]
Display logs preserved through the most recent reset. Optionally specify a reset file to display logs from another reset.
Wait mode; listen for new prints.


The slog2info utility displays the contents of the system log buffer managed by slogger2 , which must be running to record these messages.

If you don't specify any options, slog2info displays all the logs.


Dump all logs for a live system:


Dump the logs only from a given buffer_set file:

slog2info -l /dev/shmem/slogger2/my_test_buff.86749364

Dump the logs from all buffer_sets with a matching name:

slog2info -b my_test_buff

Dump all logs from the latest reset:

slog2info -r

Dump the logs from all buffer_sets with a matching name from the latest reset:

slog2info -r -b my_test_buff

Dump information pertaining to a given buffer set file:

slog2info -i -l /dev/shmem/slogger2/my_test_buff.86749364

Dump all logs from a live system, and then wait:

slog2info -w

Last modified: 2013-12-21

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