Driver for USB Mass Storage interface

In order to start this driver, you must be logged in as root, and the USB stack ( io-usb ) needs to be running.


devb-umass [blk option[,option]...]
           [cam option[,option]...]
           [disk option[,option]...]
           [umass options[,option]...]


Use commas (,) to separate the options. You can put the blk, cam, disk, and umass groups of options in any order.

blk options
The blk options control . If specified, they must follow the blk keyword. For more information, see
cam options
The cam options control the common access methods:
Be quiet: don't display any information on startup.
Be verbose: display full information about units (devices) on startup.
Enable CAM plug and play (i.e. don't exit at startup when no devices are found). The default is off.
disk options
The disk options control the driver's interface to . If specified, they must follow the disk keyword.
umass options
The umass options control the driver's interface to the USB device. If you've installed multiple devices, you can repeat these options for each device. Remember, however, to specify the umass keyword before each controller's set of options.
Connect to the specified USB stack. The default is /dev/io-usb/io-usb.
Wait num of seconds for the USB stack. The default is 60 seconds.
The vendor ID of the device.
The device ID of the device.
The bus number of the USB controller.
The USB address of the device.
iface= if
The particular interface number of the device.
Set the priority of the processing thread. The default is 21.
Ignore the Command Status Wrapper. Some devices return invalid data for the CSW.


The devb-umass driver is the driver for a USB mass storage interface.


Assume a USB controller, and list all connected devices:

devb-umass &

Assume a USB controller, and list/wait for all connected devices:

devb-umass cam pnp &

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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