Multimedia Renderer Client API

The multimedia renderer Client API exposes the functions you can use to connect to mm-renderer, create contexts, attach inputs and outputs, and manage playback.

The Client API lets you manage the flow of media content with functions for setting the input, for directing the output to an audio or video device or to a file, and for starting or stopping the media flow. You can also define parameters for inputs, outputs, contexts, and tracks. These parameters are specified with dictionary objects that are passed in to API calls (see the " Dictionary Object API " section for details on dictionary objects).

The header file that defines the Client API functions, renderer.h, is located in /usr/include/mm/. The header file that defines the enumerated error codes and the Client API data types, types.h, is located in /usr/include/mm/renderer/.

BlackBerry 10.0.0

Last modified: 2014-09-30

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