Identity Service Library

Use the Identity Service library to incorporate user authentication and authorization, using an external identity provider, in your app.

You can use the APIs in the Identity Service library to enable your users to access off-device services and content that require user authentication or authorization. Content and services include data storage and retrieval, and access to services with an external identity provider. You can also personalize the user experience by integrating users' personal information in your app.

The Identity Service works with identity providers to provide user authentication, so in order to use the Identity Service, you need to register your app with at least one identity provider. Ideally, your app's users will already have an account with the identity provider that you choose to register with.

Your users can sign in with their identity provider, using their BlackBerry device, and access content or services that they have with that identity provider from within your app and elsewhere on their device.

Any authorization that your app requires can also be done using the login credentials associated with an identity provider. This approach frees your users from having to remember another login profile, and saves you from having to build user authentication into your app.

For example, if you registered your app with BlackBerry ID as your identity provider, your users could access BlackBerry ID controlled resources from within your app, without having to log in again. BlackBerry ID is one of the supported identity providers, and the list of available identity providers is growing.

Identity providers can offer different features and levels of access. It's important to understand the features that are available from your identity provider because those features impact how you design your app. For example, one identity provider might provide off-device data storage while another might provide on-device data storage. Similarly, the personal information that you can retrieve with the ids_get_properties() function can differ based on the information that each identity provider stores in their account system.

You'll need to use this documentation in conjunction with information from your identity provider about how they have implemented the Identity Service APIs on their end. If you are using BlackBerry ID as the identity provider for your app, you can find information specific to integrating with BlackBerry ID in ids_blackberry_id.h.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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