Gestures Library

The Gestures library provides gesture recognizers to detect gestures through mtouch events that occur when you place one or more fingers on a touch screen.

Here is a summary of what the Gestures library provides:
Gesture Recognizers:
Self-contained state machines that detect gestures through mtouch events.
Gesture Sets:
Collections of gesture recognizers that interface between the gesture recognizers and the application.
Gesture buckets:
Lists of gesture recognizers that have not yet been processed.
Gesture timers:
Data type definitions and functions for manipulating timers used for determining the time elapsed between touches or the length of a touch.
Event lists:
Data type definitions and functions for lists of mtouch events to be processed by the gesture sets
Data types and Helper functions:
Data type definitions and helper functions for recognizing gestures from the touch screen.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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