Other data types (sbdef.h)

Other data types used to define the interface of Security Builder Crypto functions are the following:


When any size, bit or byte, is supplied (input), size_t type is used.

size_t *

size_t * is used for the output of size values. If the size argument is used to denote the output buffer size for input and the actual size filled for output, then size_t * type is used.

unsigned char *

All input/output data is unsigned char * type. The format of most input and output byte arrays is Octet String as defined in cryptographic standards, such as IEEE 1363-2000 and ANSI X9.62. Some unsigned char * arguments are qualified with the keyword const. This indicates that the argument is strictly input and under no circumstances will its value be modified.


All flags and identifiers are int types. All Security Builder Crypto functions return an int type value.

int *

Current flag values can be queried through an int * argument.

void *

User-defined data types, including memory callback data, are void * types. The values are passed through Security Builder Crypto functions to the corresponding user-implemented callback functions.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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