Configure the exposure value (EV) bracketing settings.


#include <camera/camera_api.h>
camera_error_t camera_config_ev_bracketing(camera_handle_t handle,                 
                                           uint32_t num,                 
                                           double *ev_deltas)


BlackBerry 10.0.0



The handle returned by a call to the camera_open() function.


The number of exposure bracket delta values.


A pointer to an array of exposures deltas values.


libcamapi (For the qcc command, use the -l camapi option to link against this library)


EV Bracketing is a technique that involves taking several shots of the same subject using different exposure levels.

Only call this function if the CAMERA_FEATURE_EVBRACKETING feature is available. You can determine whether this feature is available by calling the camera_can_feature() function.

The viewfinder must be started in CAMERA_VFMODE_EV_BRACKETING mode before using this function. For more information about new and deprecated viewfinder functionality, see Viewfinder modes.

An array of EV deltas can be configured for a fixed burst capture. The exposure deltas will be applied to successive frames. For example, {-3.0, 0.0, +3.0} in conjunction with a three-shot burst would yield three images. The first underexposed by three stops, the second at nominal exposure, and the third would be overexposed by three stops.

You can use the camera_get_ev_bracketing_limits() function to determine the exposure bracketing minimum and maximum values, as well as the maximum value for the num argument.

For more information about capturing a fixed burst of images, see camera_take_burst().

An example use of this function may look like:
 camera_error_t error;
 double ev_deltas[] = {-3.0, 0.0, +3.0};
 error = camera_config_ev_bracketing( handle,
                                      ev_deltas );


CAMERA_EOK when the function successfully completes, otherwise another camera_error_t value that provides the reason that the call failed.

Last modified: 2014-09-30

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