Post an event to the selected channel.


#include <bps/bps.h>
BPS_API int bps_channel_push_event(int chid,
                                   bps_event_t *event)


BlackBerry 10.0.0



The event channel to push the event onto.


The event to post to the event queue.


libbps (For the qcc command, use the -l bps option to link against this library)


The bps_channel_push_event() function allows an application to post an event to any channel. You can use the bps_event_create() function to create a custom event in your application, and then use the bps_channel_push_event(chid, event) function to add the event to a channel that isn't currently active, or owned by the thread.

You can also use this function to dispatch an event to a different channel than the channel the event originated on. This makes passing events off to a different thread possible. In order for the transfer of event ownership to work properly, the active channel should be the same channel that the event was originally retrieved from.


BPS_SUCCESS when the function completes successfully, BPS_FAILURE with errno value set otherwise.

Last modified: 2014-09-30

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