Virtual keyboard (virtualkeyboard.h)

Functions to control the virtual keyboard.

This file defines the virtual keyboard service, which controls the on-screen virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard service allows an application to show and hide the on-screen keyboard, and receive notifications when the keyboard is displayed or hidden. Using the virtual keyboard service you can configure various keyboard options. You can also obtain the dynamic keyboard height.

Your app can display the virtual keyboard by calling virtualkeyboard_show(). When the device is connected to a keyboard (e.g., via Bluetooth), the virtual keyboard will not be shown unless the user swipes up with two fingers from the bottom bezel.

Your app can hide the virtual keyboard by calling virtualkeyboard_hide().

To change the keyboard options, call the virtualkeyboard_change_options() function and specify the keyboard layout and Enter key text. The enumeration virtualkeyboard_layout_t lists the keyboard layouts, and the enumeration virtualkeyboard_enter_t lists the options for Enter key text. The Enter key text is automatically updated to the correct language if you change the language of the keyboard.

Key press events come through the Screen API. For more information, see the Screen API or bps/screen.h.

BlackBerry 10.0.0

Last modified: 2014-09-30

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