A structure that contains the list of callbacks to be used for a HID Device.


typedef struct  {
    bt_hid_service_connected_cb connected ;
    bt_hid_service_disconnected_cb disconnected ;
    bt_hid_report_req_cb report_req ;
    bt_hid_report_set_cb report_set ;
    bt_hid_protocol_req_cb protocol_req ;
    bt_hid_protocol_set_cb protocol_set ;
    bt_hid_idle_req_cb idle_req ;
    bt_hid_idle_set_cb idle_set ;
    bt_hid_interrupt_sent_cb interrupt_sent ;


BlackBerry 10.2.0


bt_hid_service_connected_cb connected
A callback that indicates that service has been connected.
bt_hid_service_disconnected_cb disconnected
A callback that indicates that service has been disconnected.
bt_hid_report_req_cb report_req
A callback that requests a report.
bt_hid_report_set_cb report_set
A callback that contains a report.
bt_hid_protocol_req_cb protocol_req
A callback that requests the protocol.
bt_hid_protocol_set_cb protocol_set
A callback that sets the protocol.
bt_hid_idle_req_cb idle_req
A callback that requests the idle rate.
bt_hid_idle_set_cb idle_set
A callback that sets the idle rate.
bt_hid_interrupt_sent_cb interrupt_sent
A callback to indicate that an interrupt has been sent.

Since: BlackBerry 10.3.0


libbtapi (For the qcc command, use the -l btapi option to link against this library)

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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