The BBM Social Platform Library

Engage users with the social features of BlackBerry Messenger.

The BBM Social Platform (BBMSP) provides APIs that allow you to access the social features and functionality of BlackBerry Messenger from within your app. For example, you can:

  • Invite BBM contacts to download your app by accessing a user's BBM contact list.
  • Update a user's BBM personal message, status, and avatar.
  • Add a customizable application box to a user's BBM profile to broadcast achievements or provide updates.

The BBM Social Platform library provides an interface to BBM features such as:

  • BBM user profile
  • Contact list
  • Messaging
  • Application profile box

How do I connect my app to the BBM Social Platform?

The BBM Social Platform uses an event-driven programming model. Each event that is generated is associated with a domain that represents the API that generated the event (for example, contactlist or userprofile). In addition, each event has a category that represents the specific type of event that occurred, for example, an event associated with app registration or the user's profile. Events can also have data (payload) associated with them. Once your app is registered with the BBM Social Platform, it listens for bbmsp events, determines the category and type, retrieves any applicable payload data, and processes them accordingly.

The process flow looks like this:
  1. Create an event queue using BlackBerry Platform Services (bps)
  2. Request that events flow into the event queue
  3. Register your app with the BBM Social Platform
  4. Confirm that registration was successful
  5. Listen for bbmsp events
  6. Determine the event category and type, and retrieve any associated data
  7. Process the event

Download the sample registration app from the Core Native Community on GitHub.

Last modified: 2013-12-23

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