• CustomListItem -

    Represents a list item with a highlight, a divider, and user-specified content.

  • FlickMode -

    Represents different types of flick modes for a ListView.

  • Header -

    A header that is used for grouping, or clustering items within a list.

  • HighlightAppearance -

    Represents a highlight appearance for a CustomListItem.

  • ListItemComponent -

    Specifies a QML template used by a ListView to display items.

  • ListItemListener -

    An optional interface for VisualNodes used as items in a ListView.

  • ListItemProvider -

    An interface for providing VisualNode objects as items in a ListView.

  • ListItemTypeMapper -

    An interface for determining the type of each item in a ListView.

  • ListScrollStateHandler -

    Listens for scroll state changes on a ListView.

  • ListView -

    A scrollable container used to display a list of items.

  • ListViewStickToEdgePolicy -

    Represents the different policies of maintaining edge positions for the ListView.

  • ScrollPosition -

    Represents different scroll positions used in a list.

  • SnapMode -

    Represents different types of snap modes for a ListView.

  • StandardListItem -

    An item with a set of common properties to be displayed in a list.

Last modified: 2014-03-13

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