Use the QtLocationSubset classes to add positioning and geocoding to your app.

The positioning and geocoding classes in Cascades are based on a subset of the Qt Mobility location APIs. To use positioning and geocoding in your app, include the classes you need from the QtLocationSubset library and use the QtMobilitySubset namespace. For example:

#include <QtLocationSubset/QGeoAddress>
using namespace QtMobilitySubset;

You must also add LIBS += -lQtLocationSubset to your .pro file in your project.


  • QGeoAddress -

    The QGeoAddress class represents an address.

  • QGeoAreaMonitor -

    The QGeoAreaMonitor class enables the detection of proximity changes for a specified set of coordinates.

  • QGeoBoundingArea -

    The QGeoBoundingArea class defines a geographic area.

  • QGeoBoundingBox -

    The QGeoBoundingBox class defines a rectangular geographic area.

  • QGeoBoundingCircle -

    The QGeoBoundingCircle class defines a circular geographic area.

  • QGeoCoordinate -

    The QGeoCoordinate class defines a geographical position on the surface of the Earth.

  • QGeoPlace -

    The QGeoPlace class represents basic information about a place.

  • QGeoPositionInfo -

    The QGeoPositionInfo class contains information gathered on a global position, direction and velocity at a particular point in time.

  • QGeoPositionInfoSourceFactory -

    The QGeoPositionInfoSourceFactory class is a factory class used as the plugin interface for external providers of positioning data.

  • QGeoPositionInfoSource -

    The QGeoPositionInfoSource class is an abstract base class for the distribution of positional updates.

  • QGeoSatelliteInfo -

    The QGeoSatelliteInfo class contains basic information about a satellite.

  • QGeoSatelliteInfoSource -

    The QGeoSatelliteInfoSource class is an abstract base class for the distribution of satellite information updates.

  • QGeoSearchManagerEngine -

    The QGeoSearchManagerEngine class provides an interface and convenience methods to implementers of QGeoServiceProvider plugins who want to provide support for searching operations related to geographic data.

  • QGeoSearchManager -

    The QGeoSearchManager class provides support for searching operations related to geographic information.

  • QGeoSearchReply -

    The QGeoSearchReply class manages an operation started by an instance of QGeoSearchManager.

  • QGeoServiceProviderFactory -

    The QGeoServiceProviderFactory class is a factory class used as the plugin interface for services related to geographical information.

  • QGeoServiceProvider -

    The QGeoServiceProvider class aggregates access to services which provide geographical information.

  • QLatin1Constant -

    The QLatin1Constant class holds a Latin 1 string constant.

  • QNmeaPositionInfoSource -

    The QNmeaPositionInfoSource class provides positional information using a NMEA data source.

Last modified: 2014-06-26

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