#include <QtCore/QTextCodec>

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Public Types Index

enum ConversionFlag

DefaultConversion, ConvertInvalidToNull 0x80000000, IgnoreHeader 0x1, FreeFunction 0x2

Public Functions Index

virtual QList< QByteArray >aliases () const
boolcanEncode (QChar) const
boolcanEncode (const QString &) const
QByteArrayfromUnicode (const QString &uc) const
QByteArrayfromUnicode (const QChar *in, int length, ConverterState *state=0) const
QTextDecoder *makeDecoder () const
QTextDecoder *makeDecoder (ConversionFlags flags) const
QTextEncoder *makeEncoder () const
QTextEncoder *makeEncoder (ConversionFlags flags) const
intmibEnum () const =0
QByteArrayname () const =0
QStringtoUnicode (const QByteArray &) const
QStringtoUnicode (const char *chars) const
QStringtoUnicode (const char *in, int length, ConverterState *state=0) const

Static Public Functions Index

QList< QByteArray >availableCodecs ()
QList< int >availableMibs ()
QTextCodec *codecForCStrings ()
QTextCodec *codecForHtml (const QByteArray &ba)
QTextCodec *codecForHtml (const QByteArray &ba, QTextCodec *defaultCodec)
QTextCodec *codecForLocale ()
QTextCodec *codecForMib (int mib)
QTextCodec *codecForName (const QByteArray &name)
QTextCodec *codecForName (const char *name)
QTextCodec *codecForTr ()
QTextCodec *codecForUtfText (const QByteArray &ba)
QTextCodec *codecForUtfText (const QByteArray &ba, QTextCodec *defaultCodec)
voidsetCodecForCStrings (QTextCodec *c)
voidsetCodecForLocale (QTextCodec *c)
voidsetCodecForTr (QTextCodec *c)

Protected Functions Index

QTextCodec ()
virtual ~QTextCodec ()
QByteArrayconvertFromUnicode (const QChar *in, int length, ConverterState *state) const =0
QStringconvertToUnicode (const char *in, int length, ConverterState *state) const =0

Public Types


ConvertInvalidToNull 0x80000000
IgnoreHeader 0x1
FreeFunction 0x2

Public Functions

virtualQList< QByteArray > aliases ()

bool canEncode (

bool canEncode (

QByteArray fromUnicode (

QByteArray fromUnicode (

QTextDecoder * makeDecoder ()

QTextDecoder * makeDecoder (
  • ConversionFlagsflags)

QTextEncoder * makeEncoder ()

QTextEncoder * makeEncoder (
  • ConversionFlagsflags)

int mibEnum ()

QByteArray name ()

QString toUnicode (

QString toUnicode (
  • const char *chars)

QString toUnicode (

Static Public Functions

QList< QByteArray > availableCodecs ()

QList< int > availableMibs ()

QTextCodec * codecForCStrings ()

QTextCodec * codecForHtml (

QTextCodec * codecForHtml (

QTextCodec * codecForLocale ()

QTextCodec * codecForMib (
  • intmib)

QTextCodec * codecForName (

QTextCodec * codecForName (
  • const char *name)

QTextCodec * codecForTr ()

QTextCodec * codecForUtfText (

QTextCodec * codecForUtfText (

void setCodecForCStrings (

void setCodecForLocale (

void setCodecForTr (

Protected Functions

QTextCodec ()

virtual~QTextCodec ()


QByteArray convertFromUnicode (

QString convertToUnicode (

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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