#include <QtCore/QtConcurrent/VoidStoredFunctorPointerCall0>

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Public Types Index

Only has inherited public types

enum State

NoState 0x00, Running 0x01, Started 0x02, Finished 0x04, Canceled 0x08, Paused 0x10, Throttled 0x20

Public Attributes Index

FunctionPointer *function

Public Functions Index

VoidStoredFunctorPointerCall0 (FunctionPointer *_function)
virtual voidrunFunctor ()
boolautoDelete () const Inherited
voidcancel ()Inherited
QtConcurrent::internal::ExceptionStore &exceptionStore ()Inherited
intexpectedResultCount ()Inherited
QFuture< T >future ()Inherited
boolisCanceled () const Inherited
boolisFinished () const Inherited
boolisPaused () const Inherited
boolisProgressUpdateNeeded () const Inherited
boolisResultReadyAt (int index) const Inherited
boolisRunning () const Inherited
boolisStarted () const Inherited
boolisThrottled () const Inherited
QMutex *mutex () const Inherited
booloperator!= (const QFutureInterfaceBase &other) const Inherited
QFutureInterface &operator= (const QFutureInterface &other)Inherited
QFutureInterfaceBase &operator= (const QFutureInterfaceBase &other)Inherited
booloperator== (const QFutureInterfaceBase &other) const Inherited
intprogressMaximum () const Inherited
intprogressMinimum () const Inherited
QStringprogressText () const Inherited
intprogressValue () const Inherited
QFutureInterface (State initialState=NoState)Inherited
QFutureInterface (const QFutureInterface &other)Inherited
QFutureInterfaceBase (State initialState=NoState)Inherited
QFutureInterfaceBase (const QFutureInterfaceBase &other)Inherited
QRunnable ()Inherited
boolqueryState (State state) const Inherited
voidreportCanceled ()Inherited
voidreportException (const QtConcurrent::Exception &e)Inherited
voidreportFinished (const T *result=0)Inherited
voidreportFinished ()Inherited
voidreportResult (const T *result, int index=-1)Inherited
voidreportResult (const T &result, int index=-1)Inherited
voidreportResults (const QVector< T > &results, int beginIndex=-1, int count=-1)Inherited
voidreportResultsReady (int beginIndex, int endIndex)Inherited
voidreportStarted ()Inherited
intresultCount () const Inherited
const T *resultPointer (int index) const Inherited
const T &resultReference (int index) const Inherited
QList< T >results ()Inherited
QtConcurrent::ResultStoreBase &resultStoreBase ()Inherited
const QtConcurrent::ResultStoreBase &resultStoreBase () const Inherited
virtual voidrun ()Inherited
voidsetAutoDelete (bool _autoDelete)Inherited
voidsetExpectedResultCount (int resultCount)Inherited
voidsetFilterMode (bool enable)Inherited
voidsetPaused (bool paused)Inherited
voidsetProgressRange (int minimum, int maximum)Inherited
voidsetProgressValue (int progressValue)Inherited
voidsetProgressValueAndText (int progressValue, const QString &progressText)Inherited
voidsetRunnable (QRunnable *runnable)Inherited
voidsetThrottled (bool enable)Inherited
QFuture< T >start ()Inherited
voidtogglePaused ()Inherited
voidwaitForFinished ()Inherited
boolwaitForNextResult ()Inherited
voidwaitForResult (int resultIndex)Inherited
voidwaitForResume ()Inherited

Static Public Functions Index

Only has inherited static public functions

QFutureInterfacecanceledResult ()Inherited

Protected Functions Index

Only has inherited protected functions

boolreferenceCountIsOne () const Inherited

Public Types

(Only has inherited public types)

State Inherited

NoState 0x00
Running 0x01
Started 0x02
Finished 0x04
Canceled 0x08
Paused 0x10
Throttled 0x20

Public Attributes

FunctionPointer * function ()

T result ()Inherited

Public Functions

VoidStoredFunctorPointerCall0 (
  • FunctionPointer *_function)

virtual void runFunctor ()

bool autoDelete ()Inherited

void cancel ()Inherited

QtConcurrent::internal::ExceptionStore & exceptionStore ()Inherited

int expectedResultCount ()Inherited

QFuture< T > future ()Inherited

bool isCanceled ()Inherited

bool isFinished ()Inherited

bool isPaused ()Inherited

bool isProgressUpdateNeeded ()Inherited

bool isResultReadyAt (
  • intindex)

bool isRunning ()Inherited

bool isStarted ()Inherited

bool isThrottled ()Inherited

QMutex * mutex ()Inherited

bool operator!= (Inherited

QFutureInterface & operator= (Inherited

QFutureInterfaceBase & operator= (Inherited

bool operator== (Inherited

int progressMaximum ()Inherited

int progressMinimum ()Inherited

QString progressText ()Inherited

int progressValue ()Inherited

QFutureInterface (
  • StateinitialState)

QFutureInterface (Inherited

QFutureInterfaceBase (
  • StateinitialState)

QFutureInterfaceBase (Inherited

QRunnable ()Inherited

bool queryState (
  • Statestate)

void reportCanceled ()Inherited

void reportException (Inherited

void reportFinished (
  • const T *result)

void reportFinished ()Inherited

void reportResult (
  • const T *result,
  • intindex )

void reportResult (
  • const T &result,
  • intindex )

void reportResults (
  • const QVector< T > &results,
  • intbeginIndex,
  • intcount )

void reportResultsReady (
  • intbeginIndex,
  • intendIndex )

void reportStarted ()Inherited

int resultCount ()Inherited

const T * resultPointer (
  • intindex)

const T & resultReference (
  • intindex)

QList< T > results ()Inherited

QtConcurrent::ResultStoreBase & resultStoreBase ()Inherited

const QtConcurrent::ResultStoreBase & resultStoreBase ()Inherited

virtual void run ()Inherited

void setAutoDelete (
  • bool_autoDelete)

void setExpectedResultCount (
  • intresultCount)

void setFilterMode (
  • boolenable)

void setPaused (
  • boolpaused)

void setProgressRange (
  • intminimum,
  • intmaximum )

void setProgressValue (
  • intprogressValue)

void setProgressValueAndText (
  • intprogressValue,
  • const QString &progressText )

void setRunnable (Inherited

void setThrottled (
  • boolenable)

QFuture< T > start ()Inherited

void togglePaused ()Inherited

void waitForFinished ()Inherited

bool waitForNextResult ()Inherited

void waitForResult (
  • intresultIndex)

void waitForResume ()Inherited

Static Public Functions

(Only has inherited static public functions)

QFutureInterface canceledResult ()Inherited

Protected Functions

(Only has inherited protected functions)

bool referenceCountIsOne ()Inherited

Last modified: 2015-03-26

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