The QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent class contains event parameters for dynamic property change events. More...

 #include <QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent>

Inherits: QEvent.

This class was introduced in Qt 4.2.

Public Functions

QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent ( const QByteArray & name )
QByteArray propertyName () const

Additional Inherited Members

  • 1 property inherited from QEvent
  • 1 static public member inherited from QEvent

Member Function Documentation

QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent::QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent ( const QByteArray & name )

Constructs a dynamic property change event object with the property name set to name.

QByteArray QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent::propertyName () const

Returns the name of the dynamic property that was added, changed or removed.

See also QObject::setProperty() and QObject::dynamicPropertyNames().

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