#include <QtCore/QAbstractEventDispatcher>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QAbstractEventDispatcher


Public Types Index

QPair< int, int >TimerInfo

Public Functions Index

QAbstractEventDispatcher (QObject *parent=0)
~QAbstractEventDispatcher ()
virtual voidclosingDown ()
boolfilterEvent (void *message)
voidflush ()=0
boolhasPendingEvents ()=0
voidinterrupt ()=0
boolprocessEvents (QEventLoop::ProcessEventsFlags flags)=0
QList< TimerInfo >registeredTimers (QObject *object) const =0
voidregisterSocketNotifier (QSocketNotifier *notifier)=0
intregisterTimer (int interval, QObject *object)
voidregisterTimer (int timerId, int interval, QObject *object)=0
EventFiltersetEventFilter (EventFilter filter)
virtual voidstartingUp ()
voidunregisterSocketNotifier (QSocketNotifier *notifier)=0
boolunregisterTimer (int timerId)=0
boolunregisterTimers (QObject *object)=0
voidwakeUp ()=0

Static Public Functions Index

QAbstractEventDispatcher *instance (QThread *thread=0)

Protected Functions Index

QAbstractEventDispatcher (QAbstractEventDispatcherPrivate &, QObject *parent)

Signals Index

voidaboutToBlock ()
voidawake ()

Public Types

typedef bool(* EventFilter

typedef QPair< int, int > TimerInfo

Public Functions

QAbstractEventDispatcher (

~QAbstractEventDispatcher ()


virtual void closingDown ()

bool filterEvent (
  • void *message)

void flush ()

bool hasPendingEvents ()

void interrupt ()

bool processEvents (
  • QEventLoop::ProcessEventsFlagsflags)

QList< TimerInfo > registeredTimers (

void registerSocketNotifier (

int registerTimer (

void registerTimer (
  • inttimerId,
  • intinterval,
  • QObject *object )

EventFilter setEventFilter (
  • EventFilterfilter)

virtual void startingUp ()

void unregisterSocketNotifier (

bool unregisterTimer (
  • inttimerId)

bool unregisterTimers (

void wakeUp ()

Static Public Functions

QAbstractEventDispatcher * instance (

Protected Functions

QAbstractEventDispatcher (
  • QAbstractEventDispatcherPrivate &,
  • QObject *parent )


void aboutToBlock ()

void awake ()

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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