Integrate the camera in your application.

The APIs in this category let you interact with the camera on a device, directly from your apps. You can display the camera viewfinder, and control camera settings such as shooting mode, focus mode, and flash mode. You can also handle any errors that might occur while using the camera.

Additional resources

To learn more about the camera and how to use it in your apps, visit the Camera documentation.


  • Camera -

    A camera viewfinder control providing access to camera device hardware.

  • CameraError -

    Provides reason codes for camera errors, such as a bad pointer, API failure, or to indicate that the camera is in use.

  • CameraFlashMode -

    Provides values for camera flash modes, such as always-on and automatic.

  • CameraFocusMode -

    Provides values for camera focus modes, such as manual, automatic, and macro.

  • CameraFocusState -

    Provides values for camera focus states, such as waiting, searching, and locked.

  • CameraMode -

    Provides values for camera modes, such as photo mode or video mode.

  • CameraSceneMode -

    Provides values for camera scene modes, such as action and night.

  • CameraSettings -

    Used to query and apply camera behavioral settings.

  • CameraShootingMode -

    Provides values for camera capture modes, such as normal and image stabilization.

  • CameraUnit -

    Provides values that identify a particular camera on the device, such as the front-facing camera or rear-facing camera.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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