Access the camera, audio player, and video player APIs and provide support for multimedia.



Handle audio in your application.

  • AudioRecorder -

    The AudioRecorder class provides the ability to record audio.

  • SystemSound -

    The SystemSound class provides access to play system-defined sounds.


Scan barcodes with these classes.


Integrate the camera in your application.

  • Camera -

    A camera viewfinder control providing access to camera device hardware.

  • CameraError -

    Provides reason codes for camera errors, such as a bad pointer, API failure, or to indicate that the camera is in use.

  • CameraFlashMode -

    Provides values for camera flash modes, such as always-on and automatic.

  • CameraFocusMode -

    Provides values for camera focus modes, such as manual, automatic, and macro.

  • CameraFocusState -

    Provides values for camera focus states, such as waiting, searching, and locked.

  • CameraMode -

    Provides values for camera modes, such as photo mode or video mode.

  • CameraSceneMode -

    Provides values for camera scene modes, such as action and night.

  • CameraSettings -

    Used to query and apply camera behavioral settings.

  • CameraShootingMode -

    Provides values for camera capture modes, such as normal and image stabilization.

  • CameraUnit -

    Provides values that identify a particular camera on the device, such as the front-facing camera or rear-facing camera.


Handle media states and errors.

  • MediaError -

    The MediaError class provides definitions for a number of media error codes that can occur.

  • MediaKey -

    Represents a hardware media key used with MediaKeyWatcher.

  • MediaKeyNotification -

    Represents a hardware media key notification type used with MediaKeyWatcher.

  • MediaKeyWatcher -

    Represents a hardware media key and provides notification.

  • MediaState -

    Represents the possible media playback and recording states.


Access and control features that support the media player, such as audio output, repeat mode, and buffer status.

  • AudioChannelConfiguration -

    Represents audio channel configuration.

  • AudioOutput -

    Represents the audio output options for a media player.

  • BufferStatus -

    Represents the current buffer status of the media player.

  • DeviceMode -

    Represents the device mode of media player or recorder.

  • EqualizerPreset -

    Represents the media player equilizer presets.

  • MediaPlayer -

    The MediaPlayer class provides the ability to control media playback.

  • MetaData -

    Provides string keys for a QVariantMap of metadata.

  • NowPlayingConnection -

    Provides exclusive system access to media notification areas.

  • NowPlayingController -

    Provides system access to media controlling features.

  • OverlayStyle -

    Represents the various overlay styles used by a NowPlayingConnection.

  • PriorityLevel -

    Represents a connection priority level.

  • RepeatMode -

    Represents the various repeat modes.

  • ShuffleMode -

    Represents the various shuffle modes.

  • VideoOutput -

    Represents the various video output devices.

Last modified: 2014-09-30

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