Use maps and location services in your apps, and provide support for mapping features, such as landmarks.



Integrate map functionality in your application.

  • AltitudeMode -

    An enumeration that captures how the altitude attribute should be interpreted.

  • BlankRenderEngine -

    An empty render engine, which will be used when no other engine can be found.

  • BoundingBox -

    A 2-dimensional, axis-aligned bounding box (rectangle) used to define the limits of a Geographic element, or any other bounding box.

  • Coordinate -

    A Coordinate in geographic space that is represented by latitude, longitude and altitude components.

  • DataProvider -

    A source of mappable data.

  • EdgeSize -

    An enumeration of the available edge thickness values of a Style.

  • EdgeStyle -

    An enumeration of the available edge patterns of a Style.

  • GeoDeviceLocation -

    A point in geographic space that represents the device's current latitude and longitude coordinates.

  • Geographic -

    An entity that can be placed on a map.

  • GeographicsProvisioningBridge -

    A bridge to translate an external geographic data source into Geographic data and add it to a DataProvider.

  • GeographicsProvisioningBridgeDataSource -

    Indicates how data sources used with GeographicsProvisioningBridge will be interpreted.

  • GeographicsProvisioningBridgeResult -

    Represents the types of results that can occur when using GeographicsProvisioningBridge.

  • GeoList -

    A container of Geographic elements.

  • GeoLocation -

    A location in geographic space that represents a latitude and longitude coordinate, and is visually represented on the map using its Marker attribute.

  • GeoPolygon -

    A polygon is an arbitrary object in geographic space that is defined by a sequence of coordinates.

  • GeoPolyline -

    A polyline in geographic space that is represented by a set of ordered Points.

  • GeoShape -

    A base class for all geographic shapes.

  • LocationMapInvoker -

    An invoker for viewing a certain location (or a set of locations) on a map.

  • MapData -

    A collection of data providers to be represented on a map.

  • MapImageCacheManager -

    Provides management actions on a cache of static map images.

  • MapImageGenerator -

    A generator which makes an asynchronous request for a map image.

  • MapImageGeneratorError -

    The set of possible error codes when getting a static map image.

  • MapInvoker -

    Stores common properties that can be set in order to trigger map-related content requests.

  • MapLongPressToPinDrop -

    A utility action class for performing a pin drop, which is the creation of a new point of interest (pin) triggered by a user's action.

  • MapNavigationMode -

    The set of possible navigation modes.

  • MapSearchMode -

    The set of possible search modes.

  • MapTransportationMode -

    The set of possible modes of transportation.

  • MapView -

    A graphics user interface (GUI) control that displays a map along with user-defined geographic elements, which can be points of interest or other location-aware elements.

  • Marker -

    A visual representation of a location on a map.

  • Point -

    A point in geographic space that is represented by latitude and longitude coordinates in degrees and an altitude coordinate in meters.

  • Polyline -

    A Polyline in geographic space that is represented by an ordered set of latitude and longitude coordinates (vertices).

  • RenderEngine -

    The common interface for all rendering engine implementations.

  • RenderEngineConfiguration -

    Configuration information that's passed to a RenderEngine upon initialization.

  • RenderEngineInfo -

    The characteristics of a render engine.

  • RouteMapInvoker -

    An invoker used to trigger navigation through a map route.

  • Style -

    Visual information that can be applied to a Geographic.

  • StyleSheet -

    A collection of Styles to be used when rendering a set of map content.

  • TypicalMapAltitude -

    Captures how the typical altitudes (at different view levels) should be interpreted.

  • ViewProperties -

    The properties of the current view.


Let your users discover points of interest fetched from local favorites, remote search results, and contacts.

  • PlacePicker -

    An interface that allows the user to browse and select a place from the local Places database of contacts, favorites, and recent places as well as from remote search results.

  • PlacePickerControl -

    A simple control for the PlacePicker API.

  • SelectedPlace -

    An object returned by PlacePicker.

  • SelectedPlaceImageType -

    The type of image data returned by the SelectedPlace class.

Positioning and geocoding

  • PositionErrorCode -

    Error codes returned by the Location Manager in the event of a location request timeout.

Last modified: 2014-03-13

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