Provide support for phone communication in your apps.

You can initiate calls and perform other phone-related operations by using the classes in this category. You can listen for incoming calls, place outgoing calls, and retrieve detailed information about a call, such as the ID, call state, and call type.


  • Call -

    Provides a call's ID, state, and type information.

  • CallCommandResponse -

    Provides information on a call command response: call command, response ID, call ID, command error, and error description.

  • CallState -

    Values describing the states of a call.

  • CallType -

    Values describing the type of the call.

  • Line -

    Provides a phone line's ID, address, and type information.

  • LineType -

    The types of phone lines available for making calls.

  • Phone -

    Provides phone-related functionality.

Last modified: 2014-03-13

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