#include <bb/platform/identity/IdentityServicePropertyResult>

To link against this class, add the following line to your .pro file: LIBS += -lbbplatform

Contains enumerated return codes for asynchronous responses to API calls related to properties.


Public Types


Success 0

The call completed successfully.

In asynchronous calls, the request has been sent and either the success or failure callback is called when the resposne arrives.

InternalError 49999

Error code 49999 is the default error code, and indicates that an internal error occurred while processing the request.

NameTooLong 50002

The name provided is too long.

The maximum number of allowed characters is determined by the identity provider.

AccountLocallyLockedOut 50003

User authentication could not complete because the user account is locked.

UserCouldNotBeAuthenticated 50004

The identity provider could not authenticate the user.

There are a variety of possible causes for this error, including technical reasons, the user canceled the authentication request, and failure to meet other conditions that the identity provider requires.

TooManyNamesPassed 50005

The number of entries provided exceeds what the identity provider can handle.

InvalidRequest 50006

The request is is malformed or not supported.

DoesNotExist 50007

The requested item does not exist.

NotEnoughResources 50010

This is a general error that could refer to a variety of causes.

For example, the queue might be full and unable to process the request, there's insufficient memory to process the request, or other conditions established by the identity provider are preventing the request from completing successfully.

NullOrUnknownParameters 50015

This is a general error that indicates that the parameters provided are not valid.

NotAllowed 50017

This error is specific to the identity provider, and is returned if their security model does not allow the request by the application.

ValueTooLarge 50107

This error is specific to the identity provider, and is returned if the value exceeds the size that the identity provider allows.

AlreadyExists 50159

The requested item cannot be created because it already exists.

NotReady 50207

The request could not be completed because the provider is not ready.

Last modified: 2014-09-30

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