Since: BlackBerry 10.3.0

#include <bb/pim/contacts/ContactConsts>

The NameOrder class represents the orders that can be used for the contacts display name.

You can use the NameOrder::Type enumeration to specify the order that should be used for contacts display name. For example, you can use a NameOrder::Type enumeration value in ContactListFilters::setDisplayNameOrder() to change the display name returned for a contact with the first name, John and Last name, Doe to "Doe John" or "John Doe"


Public Types Index

enum Type

FirstLast 0, LastFirst 1

Public Types


An enumeration of possible name orders that can be set.


BlackBerry 10.3.0

FirstLast 0

Indicates that name order should be "FirstName LastName" e.g.

LastFirst 1

Indicates that name order should be "LastName FirstName" e.g.

"Doe John"


BlackBerry 10.3.0

Last modified: 2015-01-22

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