Since: BlackBerry 10.2.0

#include <bb/cascades/HighlightAppearance>

Represents a highlight appearance for a CustomListItem.

You can use the HighlightAppearance class to indicate the type of highlighting that you want to use for a CustomListItem when it's selected. For example, the item could use full highlighting (the entire item is highlighted), frame highlighting (only a small frame on top of the item is highlighted), or no highlighting.


Public Types Index

enum Type

Default 0, Full 1, Frame 2, None 3

Public Types


An enumeration of possible highlight appearances for a CustomListItem.


BlackBerry 10.2.0

Default 0

Represents the default highlight appearance.

Full 1

Represents the full highlight appearance.

When this highlight appearance is used, the whole item will be highlighted. Note that if the whole item is covered and no transparency is set on the content, the highlight isn't visible.


BlackBerry 10.2.0

Frame 2

Represents the frame highlight appearance.


This highlight appearance has a similar effect as HighlightAppearance::Full; it does not highlight only the frame, but the entire item.


BlackBerry 10.2.0

None 3

Represents no highlight appearance.

When this highlight appearance is used, no highlight is shown. This can be useful when you want to implement and use your own highlight.


BlackBerry 10.2.0

Last modified: 2015-01-22

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