Integrate the BBM Social Platform into your own applications.

BBM lets users keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. You can provide support for many BBM features, including contact lists, profiles, user statuses, and more.

Additional resources

To learn more about the BBM Social Platform and how to use it in your apps, visit the BBM Social Platform documentation.


  • ApplicationPermissions -

    Represents a class that provides access to your app's permission settings on the BBM Social Platform.

  • Contact -

    Represents a contact on the BBM Social Platform.

  • ContactService -

    Provides services related to a user's BBM contacts.

  • Context -

    Represents a class that has the necessary context for access to the BBM Social Platform.

  • ImageType -

    Represents the type of the image.

  • MessageService -

    Represents a class that provides a message service for the BBM Social Platform.

  • Permission -

    The type of application permission.

  • PermissionValue -

    The possible values of application permissions.

  • ProfileBox -

    Represents a class that provides access to your app's profile box in the user's BBM profile.

  • ProfileBoxItem -

    Represents an item in your app's profile box inside the user's BBM profile.

  • RegistrationState -

    Represents the RegistrationState of an application on the BBM Social Platform.

  • UserProfile -

    Represents the user's BBM profile.

  • UserStatus -

    Represents the status of a BBM user or contact.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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