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Welcome to the API reference for the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK! Here, you can learn about all of the classes, functions, and other programming elements that you can use to develop your apps.

Use the radio buttons in the upper-left corner of this page to select your focus: Cascades or Core. When you select a focus, the left navigation changes to display the classes and functions that are included in that set of APIs.


Cascades APIs let you create visually engaging apps with relative ease. Cascades is built on top of Qt, which is a C++ application framework. You can use Cascades APIs for a wide range of tasks, such as:

- Add buttons, check boxes, menus, sliders, and other visual components to your app
- Create fluid, dynamic animations
- Handle user input from the touch screen or keyboard on a device
- Integrate with other apps that are installed on the device
- Manage data from on-device and external sources


Core APIs provide low-level access to device features, making them a good choice for apps that require precise control over aspects such as memory management and event handling. You can use Core APIs to do things like:

- Handle different types of events as they arrive
- Record and play audio, and manage audio streams and data
- Use Bluetooth to send and receive data with other devices
- Draw graphics on the screen using OpenGL ES and the Screen Graphics Subsystem
- Add data from your app to the BlackBerry Hub using the Unified Data Source library

You can learn more about each set of APIs by clicking the links below.

Last modified: 2015-04-30

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