OpenMAX Application Layer (AL) is a royalty-free API for accelerating the recording and playback of multimedia (video and audio) in mobile apps. This guide is intended for developers who want to create OpenMAX AL-like interfaces on BlackBerry 10 devices. Only special use cases supported by the BlackBerry 10 implementation of OpenMAX AL are detailed here. For common use cases, see the OpenMAX AL specification.

Supported features

OpenMAX AL defines two profiles: media player and media player/recorder. The media player profile supports the rendering of multimedia in one or more formats, and does not include support for recording media. The media player/recorder profile supports all media playback and recording functionality.

BlackBerry 10 does not implement all features required in either profile. Therefore, the BlackBerry 10 implementation of OpenMAX AL does not conform to any of the profiles. The following objects are supported:

  • Engine object
  • Media player object
  • Media recorder object
  • Metadata extractor object
  • Audio output mix object

The following sections provide the specifications supported and extensions added by BlackBerry 10.

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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