The C/C++ perspective

If you are using C APIs, the C/C++ perspective is where you develop and build your projects. When you create a project, the workbench displays the C/C++ perspective by default. The C/C++ perspective features the Project Explorer, the editor, and other useful views that display information that's relevant to your project.

Screen showing the C/C++ perspective in the Momentics IDE.

You can access perspectives by using the Window > Open Perspective menu, and you can access individual views by using Window > Show View. To learn more about the views in the C/C++ perspective, explore the following sections.

Project Explorer

The Project Explorer view shows all the projects and resources in your workspace.

The src folder contains all your source code. In the src folder, there are three key source code files:

  • main.c, which includes the main() function as well as initialization, event handling, and rendering functions.
  • bbutil.h and bbutil.c, which provide convenient utility functions for commonly used operations such as loading textures and rendering text.
Screen showing the Project Explorer view in the Momentics IDE.

When you build a project, the binaries appear in the Binaries folder. All the include files you need to compile your project are in the Includes folder.


The console displays the output from your build and debug tools. You can watch a build's progress in the Console view. You can use the console.log() function to send debug information to the Console view.

Animation showing the Console view in the Momentics IDE.


The editor provides specialized features for editing your C/C++ files such as syntax highlighting, formatting, code folding, and code completion.

Screen showing the Editor view in the Momentics IDE.

Make Target

The Make Target view displays the make targets you have created to build in your workspace and allows you to create new make targets.

A make target defines custom build commands and settings that give you control over how your project is built. Make target actions are also displayed in the Make Target view.

Screen showing the Make Target view in the Momentics IDE.


The Outline view displays the structure of the file that is open in the editor.

Animation showing the Outline view in the Momentics IDE.


The Problems view displays any errors encountered during a build. You can double-click a problem in this view to take you to the source of the problem.

Screen showing the Problems view in the Momentics IDE.


The Properties view shows the attributes of the item that is selected in a view or in the editor. You can display properties by category or filter advanced properties. You can also restore the selected property to its default value.

Screen showing the Properties view in the Momentics IDE with an image selected as a resource.


The Tasks view lists tasks that you want to keep track of, either as a schedule of things to do or a history of things that have been done.

Screen showing the Tasks view in the Momentics IDE.

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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