Porting iOS apps to Cascades

The BlackBerry 10 Native SDK offers tools that help you create visually stunning and engaging apps for BlackBerry 10 devices. Included in the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK is the Cascades UI Framework, which you can use to build rich and immersive applications for your users by using APIs from both the Cascades and Qt libraries.

This guide describes the similarities and differences between iOS and BlackBerry 10 apps, and provides information and best practices for porting commonly used features and functions. Code samples and concepts are provided where applicable, and links to external API references, articles, and sites are included to provide additional information on the porting process. The primary focus for this guide is non-game applications. If you want to port your games, see Porting apps from iOS.

By porting your app to BlackBerry 10, you can bring your app to a wider audience of users and provide a user experience unlike any other.

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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