Supported Qt modules

This section lists the Qt modules that BlackBerry 10 supports.

Qt 4.8 modules

BlackBerry 10 fully supports the following modules:

  • QtCore
  • QtGui
  • QtNetwork
  • QtOpenGL
  • QtScript
  • QtScriptTools
  • QtSql
  • QtSvg
  • QtXml
  • QtXmlPatterns
  • QtDeclarative
  • QtTest

Qt Mobility APIs

The Qt Mobility APIs are developed, published, and maintained in a separate project outside of the Qt 4.8 baseline. Since the Qt Mobility APIs are not included in a standard Qt 4 package, Qt Mobility should be built separately and then integrated into mobile and embedded platforms based on Qt 4. BlackBerry 10 supports the following Qt Mobility subset APIs:


A subset of QtLocation is supported by QtLocationSubset.


The QtMultimediaKit module is supported in the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK except for the QMediaRecorderControl and Camera APIs.


The QtSensors module is fully supported in the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK.

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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