Tips and tricks

You can use these tips to help resolve some of the issues that you might encounter as you port your apps to BlackBerry 10.

Using namespaces

You may encounter the following namespace issues for C and C++ apps:
  • Some standard C++ libraries include a bug where types that are defined by the library are imported into the global namespace. This bug can make porting difficult if you try to link against a standard library implementation, such as Dinkum (the default for the Native SDK), which doesn’t have that bug.
  • Including a C++ library header file may promote external names declared in the std namespace into the global namespace as well, with individual using declarations for each name.
  • In some environments, the C standard header files include no namespace declarations, declaring all names directly in the global namespace. This practice is in violation of the C++ standard.

Using older code

There are some older variants of C++ code out there, so you can choose to switch the runtime to C++ Dinkum (which the Native SDK uses) or use the compiler switch -Y_gpp to tell the compiler that the app is nonconformant.

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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