Integrating with BlackBerry Maps

Cascades lets you integrate maps with the invocation framework. You can use the MapInvoker class to trigger map-related invocation requests. You can make any location in an app a fully actionable link. You can use the LocationMapInvoker class to use a location as a link and integrate your app with other apps on the device. You can trigger navigation in a map using the RouteMapInvoker class. You can use the invocation framework to:

  • Invoke the BlackBerry Maps app. BlackBerry Maps is a voice-guided map application that allows the user to see turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic in a two-dimensional rendering of a map on the device.
  • Start a navigation session, providing a starting address and a destination, and use MapNavigationMode to specify whether navigation should use the fastest or shortest route and MapTransportationMode to specify whether you are navigating in a car or as a pedestrian.
  • Search with keywords to find an address, using MapSearchMode to specify whether searching should be performed in circles around the radius of a location or performed along a path.
  • Find a point of interest using data stored in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. For more information about working with JSON data, see Data management.

You can download the Route Map Invoker sample, which demonstrates how to use the RouteMapInvoker class to navigate to a location. The Route map invoker sample interacts with the My Places database and lets you choose routes to your favourite places, your recent places, or your contacts locations.

For more information about integrating with BlackBerry Maps, see Invoking core apps and Maps.

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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