Chats and sharing

You can use BBM to:

  • Chat from app to BBM
  • Start a BBM audio or video chat
  • Invoke a channel
  • Share content with a channel
  • Chat from app to app

Best practices

Make sure that users can choose the contacts that they want to chat with.

When a chat begins, expose the chat interface so that users know that a chat has started.

Make sure that you design your screens so that users can access key features when the chat interface is open. If users chat using a touch screen keyboard, be aware that the portion of the screen reserved for the application is reduced in landscape orientation.

Make the chat interface available on multiple screens in your application so that users don't have to open a specific screen to open and reply to chats.

If your application supports multiple chats, make sure that users have a way to switch between chats.

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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