Check user profiles

You can retrieve the list of user configured profiles on the device, as well as information about each profile, such as the profile name and service set identifier (SSID). This information can help you determine if any of the retrieved SSIDs are supported by the aggregator app. If so, the user may want to delete those profiles and use your app to log in to the hotspots automatically.

You must free the memory allocated for the user profiles when the app no longer needs them.

To retrieve user profiles:

  1. To retrieve the list of user profiles, call wifi_get_user_profiles().
  2. To retrieve the SSID of a particular user profile, call wifi_get_user_profile_ssid().
  3. To retrieve the security type of the user profile, call wifi_get_user_profile_security().
  4. To retrieve the status of a user profile, call wifi_get_user_profile_enable().
  5. To free the memory allocated for the user profiles, call wifi_free_user_profiles().
The following code sample demonstrates how to retrieve user profile information:

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bool check_user_profiles()
    wifi_result_t ret = WIFI_SUCCESS;
    wifi_user_profile_list_t *profiles = NULL;
    int num = 0;
    wifi_security_type_t security;
    bool enable = false;
    bool user_enable = false;
    char ssid[WIFI_MAX_SSID_BUFFER_LEN];
    memset(ssid, 0x0, sizeof(ssid));
    // read user profiles
    ret = wifi_get_user_profiles(&profiles, &num);
    if (ret != WIFI_SUCCESS) {
        printf("wifi_get_user_profiles(): no available user profiles. [ret=%d]\n", ret);
        return false;
    } else {
        printf("# of user profiles (created from UI): %d\n", num);
        if (num > 0) {
            for (index = 1; index <= num; index ++) {
                ret = wifi_get_user_profile_ssid(profiles, 
                                             index, ssid);
                if (ret != WIFI_SUCCESS) {
                    // handle error
                                  index, &security);
                if (ret != WIFI_SUCCESS) {
                    // handle error
                ret = wifi_get_user_profile_enable(profiles, 
                if (ret != WIFI_SUCCESS) {
                    // handle error
                printf("index: %d\tssid: [%s]\t"
                       "security: %d\tenable: %d\tuser_enable: %d\n",
                       index, ssid, security, enable, 
            ret = wifi_free_user_profiles(&profiles);
            if (ret != WIFI_SUCCESS) {
                // handle error
    return true;

Last modified: 2015-05-07

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