Server-side push apps

Server-side push apps make requests to the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service to push content to specified BlackBerry device users. These requests include push delivery parameters that uniquely identify the push request, inform the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service which devices to send the content to, and provide additional delivery information, such as the priority and the reliability level of the push request.

Instead of using a port that's specific to each app, all push apps use a generic port. An ApplicationID is required to identify where the pushed content is delivered on the device.

You can write a server-side push app using any development language. Your app must perform the following functions:

  • Build a push request and send it as an HTTP POST request to the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service.
  • Build the push request in either the BlackBerry push format or the PAP push format.
  • In the push request, identify the ApplicationID on the device that a corresponding client-side push-enabled app listens to. For example, the PORT field of the destination for the BlackBerry push format and the X-Wap-Application-Id request header for PAP push format.

You can push content to individual users based on either their email addresses or their device PINs, to multiple devices that use the same email, or to groups of users created and maintained on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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