(Optional) The localized text for the <name> and <description> elements or file for the <image> and <splashscreen> elements.

Parent elements

<image>, <splashScreens>

Child elements



The <text> element specifies the text for the <name> and <description>. You can also use this element to specify different image files to use for the <image> and <splashscreen> elements.


A CDATA value representing a string value or the name of an asset.


Name Description Values Default
xml:lang (Required) Specifies the language or locale code to use. A string value representing a locale. The XML locale strings use hyphens per the IETF Best Current Practice (BCP) 47 specification.

For example, you can use en-US (United States English), de-DE (German), or fr-CA (Canadian French).



<-- For a description -->   
<description>The HelloWorldDisplayManaged application
    <text xml:lang="de-DE">The german description for HelloWorldDisplayManaged application</text>

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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