(Required) Specifies splash screens to use.

Parent elements

<qnx>, <configuration>, <invoke-target>

Child elements

Name Cardinality
image Any number


The <splashScreens> element specifies the image file to display when the application starts on device.

You can specify the splash screens to use as well as different splash screens for multiple devices and different locale or region settings. The image file for the splash screen must meet the following criteria:

  • The image file must be a PNG or JPG file.
  • If the size of a splash screen doesn't match the expected size for the device at runtime, the splash screen chosen is based on the best-fit size for the device, and is scaled as required.
  • The path of the image can be in the application root folder.

For more information about image sizes to use, see the UI Guidelines for BlackBerry 10.






      <text xml:lang="fr">splash-1024x600_fr.jpg</text>
      <text xml:lang="fr">splash-600x1024_fr.jpg</text>

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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