(Deprecated) Use the <splashScreens> element instead.

Parent elements

<qnx>, <configuration>

Child elements

Name Cardinality
text Any number


The image file to display when the application starts. The <splashscreen> element specifies the image file to display when the application starts. You can use the <text> element to specify different images for different languages and locales. The image file must be a PNG or JPG file with resolution sizes of 1024x600 pixels (landscape) or 600x1024 (portrait). The path of the image can be in the application root or folder from the application root


A PCDATA value representing name of the image file (asset) to use. You can specify images for the landscape and portrait orientations, using the following format:


For example, the following value indicates the landscape and portrait images to use:





    <text xml:lang="de-DE">sample-splashscreen-landscapeDE.png:sample-splashscreen-portraitDE.png</text>

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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