Memory errors

Memory errors can occur if your process corrupts the memory or tries to free the same memory twice, or uses a stale or invalid pointer. These silent errors can cause your app to fail. The source of the error can be difficult to find, because the incorrect operation could have occurred in a different section of code long before an innocent operation triggered a crash.

To learn more about the common causes of memory problems, see Heap analysis: making memory errors a thing of the past.

To view the memory errors identified by the Momentics IDE:

  1. Switch to the Memory Analysis perspective.
  2. In the Session view, click your desired launch configuration.

    Screen showing the Memory Problems view in the Memory Analysis Tool.

  3. From the problems list, select a problem. Notice that the information in the Memory Backtrace view dynamically updates to reflect the error that you've selected.
  4. Double-click on an error or backtrace line to navigate to that error in the code editor.
  5. Modify the code, as required, to correct the memory error for the selected problem.

For more information about how to interpret memory errors during memory analysis, see Interpret errors during memory analysis.

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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