Memory Backtrace view

The purpose of this view is to provide backtracing capability for debugging your applications. Select an error from the Memory Problems view to display a call stack trace leading up to your selected memory error.

Screen showing the Memory Backtrace view.

The Memory Backtrace view lets you:

  • backtrace the calling thread
  • backtrace a thread within the same process
  • backtrace a thread in another process
  • backtrace C code
  • backtrace C++ code

When you select a particular event, the Memory Backtrace view shows the event’s details. If you double-click a particular event, the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry highlights the event’s corresponding source code line (if it exists).

Screen showing the Memory Backtrace view.

Backtracing is a best effort, and may at times be inaccurate due to the nature of backtracing (for example, optimized code can confuse the backtracer).

You can't currently backtrace a thread on a remote node (that is, over Qnet).

Backtracing a corrupted stack could cause a fatal SIGSEGV because libbacktrace doesn't trap SIGSEGV.

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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