Debugging headless apps

To debug a headless app in the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry:

  1. On the toolbar, in the Launch mode drop-down list, click Debug.
  2. In the Launch configuration drop-down list, click the UI part or service part of your headless app.

    Screen showing the UI of a headless app in the Launch configuration drop-down list in Momentics IDE 2.1.

  3. In the Launch target drop-down list, click a device or simulator.
  4. Click Momentics IDE launch button to debug your headless app. The Momentics IDE changes to the Debug perspective, installs the app on your simulator or device, and starts the app under the control of the debugging tool.
  5. When you are finished debugging, on the Debug view toolbar, click Momentics IDE terminate icon. You must terminate the debug session before you rebuild the project, or the build fails.

Alternatively, you can edit the launch configuration for your headless app and set the entry point that you want to debug (UI part or service part). To do so, click Momentics IDE edit icon beside the launch configuration drop-down list. In the Edit Configuration dialog box, in the Entry-Point drop-down list, click the service part of your headless app.

Screen showing the Edit Configuration dialog box in Momentics IDE 2.1.

For more information, see Headless apps.

Last modified: 2015-03-31

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